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This Thing Called Diet

I haven’t really cared about my diet until these past few years. Since, I was a baby, food was my first love and I would always be eating. I come from a family that’s pretty active from my dad playing soccer and boxing, my brother playing soccer since he started walking to my sisters and I playing soccer and running track and field. So throughout elementary and high school I was pretty fit. Also, all my years in university until I hit 25 and I was like hello new body lol. I just gained weight and I didn’t really care until I noticed I was going up in sizes.Not only that every time there was a family event, my aunts would let me know and not hold back. 
I started to hate dressing up, shopping and just resorted to big sweaters or long T-shirt’s and jeans or tights. I was lucky that this style was the fashion at the time. Instead of looking at what I was eating I just got frustrated and started doing random diets, got a trainer, and tried crazy methods to loose belly fat. I even went vegan for a bit. 

Just this year I decided to stop and look at my diet. I love food so, cutting things out was not option.  I started using this app called FODMAP and it basically tells you all the foods that are easily digested. I have been doing this diet for about 3-4 months on and off and still managed to loose weight. What I like about this diet is that it tells you which foods are good to eat all the time. So, green means you eat them as often as you like. Yellow means not much and red basically avoid.
The reason why I like this app/diet is because I can basically still eat what I like when I want,  it’s just that certain foods I know to eat less of. The app even tells you what type of alcohol to drink. 
The app is $10.99 but it’s worth it for all the stuff you are able to get out of it. Also, just say your traveling, you can change the app to whichever country you are in and it will give you all the foods there. Pretty cool, I think. 

Going forward in 2019 I will continue this diet since the results have been amazing and I will add a few more days of going to gym to make it 5 days a week.  Oh, I also eat less meat and fish. I try to have it down to once every two weeks and I cut off pop (or soda as some like to call it). What are some diets or tricks you have been doing ?

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