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It’s All About The Eyes !

By no means I am I makeup guru or anything of the sort. Honestly, I’m so far from it, as I always like to have someone do my makeup. Thankfully 3 out of my 4 sisters are into makeup so, I always have someone there to do my makeup. But I have been learning how to my own makeup and I’m starting to love makeup more and more. I finally found a combination of two mascaras that do wonders for my lashes.  ‘Better Than Sex’ by Too Faced and ‘Bad Gal Bang’ from Benefit Cosmetics are the best together. I feel like Tweety bird flashing those pretty lashes and looking all cute. Since I don’t like getting fake lashes these truly do the job for me for my everyday mascara. I’m telling you ladies out there that are not the greatest at makeup like me these do the job. Try it out.


When going to events or like family celebrations such as birthdays or weddings, I love to use Beauty Premium Lashes. These are totally affordable at $6.99 and you can get a good 2 to 3 uses out of them. I got them on sale for $4.99 and honestly, I feel like this store always has them on sale most of the time. The brand has a whole collection of different styles, but I love the ones that are called “Chanel” and when they don’t have those ones I will go for “Call me Baby”. Since, I have big eyes I feel it doesn’t make my eyes look any bigger, but it gives me that glam look I love. I have left the link below for the mascaras and the location where I get the lashes. If you’re in the Toronto area and on budget check the store for the lashes.




Too Faced-Better Thank Sex:

Benefits Comestics- BADgal Bang:


Address3304 Keele St, North York, ON M3M 2H7

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