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Bye 2018 and Hello 2019

Is it me or did 2018 go by so quickly? It always seems crazy to me that 365 days can feel like last week, LOL. I remember saying at the end 2017 that 2018 was going to be my year but God clearly had a different plan. I mean it was still my year in the sense that it was a stimulating boost to get me out of my comfort zone. Let me break it down for you. So basically, 2018 was my breakthrough year before landing on the other side. I was literally broken down at the start of January 2018, and then it was just a roller coaster of bad vibes and negativity non stop. I wasn’t myself, and I was basically just living life to pass the days. By mid-June, I just had enough and just picked myself up and started working on me. I started healing internally and getting used to my new reality, but also getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. By the end of 2018, I made moves to get myself a mentor, a coach, so I could finally take action towards my life long dream. The way I see my 2018, is literally someone grabbing a water balloon and throwing it to a glass wall, hoping that it breaks. Instead, I was thrown against that glass wall, got bruises and cuts but landed, with no broken bones, on my two feet and what protected me was God. Those scars and bruises will forever be reminders that I can go through my lowest point and still come out on top by His grace and love alone. 
I’m honestly going into the new year better than ever and focused on every area of my life. I do have goals for 2019 but the main one is for my relationship with God to not only be stable, but for me to fully trust him in every step I take in life.
I definitely love the holidays, and I can’t wait to have a family to share this time of the year with. I love getting gifts for people and seeing that I was able to make them happy. My first love language is receiving gifts, which means I also show my love by giving gifts and I truly love this because I actually put a lot of thought and effort to every gift I give to someone and it always has meaning behind it. I love giving to others and helping them out makes it worthwhile to see them happy. Holiday season is for sure a season I love, but I also get sad because instead of reflecting on all the good times that happen, I start comparing myself to others. Let me tell you, social media doesn’t help when everyone is boasting about what an amazing year they had and all. Though, let’s not forget that they too still had hard times to get to those good places. Right now that’s where I’m at, but I can be happy for them because my time is also coming.

For everyone reading this that may have had a weird , stressful, unmoving , or uncomfortable year; I want you to know that you’re not the only one and that 2019 can be and will be better. It all starts with just changing your way of thinking. When I have negative thoughts, I stop myself and think of 5 things I’m grateful for. Also, I stop saying I’m broke or that things will never happen for me. Instead I say money flows freely and comes easily. I tell myself this will happen for me in God’s timing for my journey. Below, I have written down a few things to help get a kick start into changing your 2019 start away from 2018:
1. Be cautious of your thoughts (how you talk to yourself is very important)

2. Be Believe in yourself ( in change)

3. Self-care ( whether it be meditation, taking a run or even watching a feel good movie)

4. Acknowledge that you have flaws

5. Take care of yourself mentally

6. Date yourself ( Honestly, I truly started doing this. From cooking myself romantic meals, or having a movie date with myself)

7. Change your way of thinking towards money ( I’m broke should not even be said)

8. Get out of bed and do something active ( I started going to the gym early between 6:30-8 am)

9. Make a vision board. I have a vision board for the following:

  • General Life
  • Love Life
  • Career
  • A Three Vision Board

10. If you need help don’t be afraid to get the help you need (therapist, counselor, a friend to just listen or just someone to be there with you in silence)

Here’s a link to find out your love language and I would also recommend you to read the book as well. It’s really a good read:

 Happy new year beautiful people !!!

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