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Where have I been ?!?!? Clearly, I went on more than just a hiatus and forgot about this blog. But I’m back and ready to share with you all.

A quick update, I finally started my YouTube show called “ Be B.O.L.D.” I will leave the link right here. I will write a post about the show and how I came up with it. But for now make sure to check it out, subscribe, like, comment and share. 


Let’s talk about self growth. If I’m being honest with you all, I’m late to the game of self growth. And what I mean by that is, that now I’m consciously re-evaluating myself as person. Growing up, I don’t think I ever took the time out to look at myself and reflect on situations and take in the good or bad, reflect on how things changed me. But instead I would just live through it. And let me tell you, it for sure caught up to me. 

For the past few years a lot has happened where I truly had to stop and ask myself who do I want to be? I had to fall back in love with myself, which showed me how I deserve to be loved. I worked on my relationship with God and I fell back in love with passions. This is not something that happens over night, it’s something you keep working on because we never stay the same. Yes, who we are to the core will always remain but not how we react to certain situations because we’re always in the state of becoming and evolving. 

One thing I have learned is when you’re trying to grow, change old habits, and learn from your mistakes; you do not need be reminded of your past behaviour every second, be spoken to in negative way or have jokes being said about you. Those are people that don’t want to see you grow or don’t notice you’re trying to change and learn from old behaviour. Doesn’t matter how long you have known that person but there comes a time when you need to re-evaluate that “friendship” or “relationship”. I’m a strong believer that God sometimes puts individuals in your life for a certain season(s) and when that season is over, we have a hard time letting go. When God shows you that a person’s season in your life is over, listen because he won’t take something away from you without having something greater for you.

Two people can be great together but at the same time be toxic to each other’s lives. 

It’s been a year I haven’t spoken to one my closest friends and, to me now, I see it as blessing. I don’t think I would have come this far if she was still in my life, based off of where I am as a person today. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt me that the relationship is over. But I see the blessing that came out of it and personal growth from, which is just too great a blessing to regret the fall out. This is my season of self growth and becoming the best version of myself. If it’s God’s will then another season will come where reconnecting to have a conversation will happen.

Having someone that reminds you of your negative flaws rather than the positive, or having someone keep telling you need to change while not being able to change themselves, is like “but did you look at yourself before coming at me.” 🤷🏾‍♀️ So, make sure during this time of self growth, you have people around that remind you if your falling back in bad habits but at the same time have people that can remind me when your falling off track but at same time acknowledge you growth.

Last, thing I want to mention about the journey of self growth is: God will put you in a situation that will break you down to the core and feel destroyed by individuals but will bring back that very same individual years after for healing. 

When it comes to self growth it is more than just taking a few months to work on yourself. Now you’re always in the state of evolving so, it’s a life long process. Just always remember that you are important and deserve to love yourself.

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